Meet our Staff

Joyce Scott

ACE Certified
Personal Trainer


Being a Certified Personal Trainer is the perfect marriage of two of my many passions. I lovingly taught school for 35 years and have been vigorously exercising for more than 35 years. Since 2005 I have been on the staff at Fast and Fit for Women. Being part of the organization gave me the encouragement and confidence in 2008 to become a Certified Personal Trainer through the highly acclaimed American Council on Exercise - ACE.

I have always looked at fitness from the inside out. It's not necessarily about having a slender body, it's about having a healthy body, including the shapely, feminine curves. Members appreciate my philosophy of "starting slowly" which will help them to "progress faster". And I am with them every step of the way whether on an individual basis or in a small group training.

Many years ago I recognized that my purpose in life was to motivate people. I've learned to do this in a very gentle and supportive manner. Because of my intense interest in people, and my background in fitness and education, I have the ability to establish rapport to motivate and encourage our members.

It will be my pleasure to coach you from the inside out.

- Joyce

Tamara Gates, CDC

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Restorative Hatha Yoga Instructor, Certified Dietary Counselor


Caring for ourselves is a life-long journey that is ever-changing. When we create positive habits, such as daily physical activity and healthier eating patterns, it tends to affect us in other areas of our lives - feeling better, sleeping better, thinking better and so on. Since 2008 I have been on the staff at Fast and Fit and in my work as a health and fitness professional, I help people learn how to move and feel good about what their own bodies need to feel their best each day.

My fitness approach focuses on alignment, balance, core strength, and overall physical performance. I have been teaching nutrition and fitness for over 20 years and continue to learn and grow with it. Fitness is first and foremost about feeling good in our bodies, having the energy, agility and strength to do the things we want to do. Physical and mental wellness improves the quality of our lives, helps us manage stress, and can improve our sleep, which is critical for a strong immune system. These are just a few of the benefits given to us through positive health and exercise. Jump aboard!

I look forward to assisting you in learning, experiencing and maintaining your best life worth living!

- Tamara

Judi Bannister



I'm extremely proud of what I have created at Fast and Fit. The members call us Nevada County's best kept secret because, until you walk through the door, it is hard to imagine what's happening inside!

We have members of all ages and from all walks of life. Some have never exercised, and some are experienced. Everyone is given as much time as they need to learn the equipment or a new exercise, and it doesn't matter how many times you ask, we are always available to assist you, whether it be a reminder of how to use a specific piece of equipment, or whether you want to learn something new.

What is most heart-warming is when we hear stories from our ladies who have become stronger and have more endurance at whatever it is they are doing - from taking a hike, kayaking on our beautiful lakes to working in the garden and taking care of family.

Joyce, Tamara and I love what we do and welcome you to our joyous haven of exercise. We truly are a community of women coming together to enrich our lives on a daily basis. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Once you give us a whirl we are confident you will leave with a smile on your face!

- Judi